Fishing in Asturias


Fishing in Asturias

Fontebona is only a 1 kilometre away from the salmon and trout river La Marea.

Salmon and more regular fish like trout can be fished in Asturias with a permit that costs around € 16,- a year. The permit can be obtained in Arriondas, at about 25 kilometres from Fontebona. It shouldn´t give you any problems getting one. Simply showing your passport or ID, and filling out a form should do. In case things go wrong, we can contact the office in Arriondas, to give you a helping hand.

Salmon season is open from the third week of March and ends the 31st of July. Fishing trout and other fishes roughly stops at the end of September. But the law is quite complicated, and fishing depends on the kind of fish, the fish quotas, the river, the day of the week, and if you can keep the fish or not.

For sea fishing or beach fishing you have to obtain a permit in Villaviciosa, also about 25 kilometres away from Fontebona.

You can find the 2015 'normativas' in Spanish by downloading the following file: In Fontebona we will be happy to answer any question you have.

The map below represents the river Sella basin, of which La Marea forms part. The fishing zones change every year, so please only regard the map as a starting point and not as current information! A map for 2019 can be found here:

River Sella basin