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Fontebona is a strongly hilly terrain with many trees and beautiful panoramic views. The grounds are inaccessible to vehicles. You can park your vehicle on the adjacent parking field.


In a straight line, Fontebona is situated less than 3 kilometres south of Infiesto in the municipality of Piloña, Asturias.

If this is your first visit, please follow the description below. Note: Google and Tomtom are machines that have nothing to do with the reality of Asturian roads.

The route description from Infiesto to Fontebona:

► Follow AS-254 Infiesto direction Campo de Caso / Campu Casu
► After kilometre marker 3, ignore turn left to La Pandiella, stay on AS-254
► Do turn left at next turn (opposite to an overgrown house at right hand at the end of a straight part of the road), concrete road strongly up hill
► After only 60m Y-junction: keep left. NB! The wooden gate on your right hand is NOT the access to Fontebona!
► Keep going up hill for more than 500m on a partially surfaced road with two steep slopes. Keep right at all the following turns
► At the end of the second slope with a cottage / hórreo at your left hand, turn right again. This last bit of 250m to Fontebona is an unsurfaced forest road
► Fontebona: 43°19'28.86"N 5°22'54.14"W NB! Do NOT use these coordinates for your GPS, as they will NOT get you to Fontebona. Only the above directions are reliable


Gps + GoogleMaps: 43.324819, -5.381672